Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring Projects and Flowers

The weather here has been amazing for the last couple of weeks. On a sunny weekend two weeks ago Q put in a new set of bricks to delineate the driveway. The primary purpose was to create the new asparagus bed at the front of the yard.

The west side - now I won't have to constantly try to keep the "driveway weeds" from encroaching on the beds.

The east side - including the new asparagus bed. I hope they come up soon so I know my planting was a success. I put 14 up here and 6 more up by the house to see if they could do okay in shadier conditions. Hopefully, two years of waiting and we'll have asparagus.

Q's birthday cake - special request of yellow cake with chocolate frosting. He's a man of simple wants. The only stimulation was that I didn't substitute any ingredients - including using plain old white wheat flour.

A sixth rhubarb baby has just barely burst forth. We've been having 60 degree days and 28 degree mornings. I hope the light frosts aren't hurting the early leaves.

Blueberry leaves about to burst open

The neighbor's forsythia


Quince from beside the cherry tree

The celery seedlings recently got their first true leaves

The first flat of seedings - onions and celery

Here's the full seedling growing set-up. The light is on a timer to be on 6a - 6p each day. I've unplugged the heat mat for the time being since they've gotten bigger now. They seem to be liking the set-up so far.

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