Saturday, February 6, 2010

Signs of Spring

Crocuses came up, seemingly overnight

Blueberry leaf buds, we need to do the first fertilizer this weekend (1 oz. blood meal/plant)
BTW - "blood meal" only adds to the illusion that gardening is some sort of black, alchemical magic

Garlic loves this weather.

The lemon balm is starting its new growth.

Brand new mint sprouts. I'm so glad it's in a sectioned off bed. It can't spread any farther than it already has without some serious evolution.

I didn't kill it during division!
(Even though I've heard that it's well nigh impossible, there's always the fear.)

At least 5 plants "took" and are starting new growth from the two, too close together original plants.

The flowering quince by the cherry tree, just outside our bedroom window.

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