Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Keeping Busy

My first wholesale order from Brown Sheep arrived yesterday. I bagged it up with the patterns each yarn is destined for so I can more easily pack for the three week trip we're leaving for on Friday. The front three and the middle left with the photocopied vintage patterns are orders. Unfortunately, the jacket on the far left is missing it's body color at the moment. It's on backorder. Hiding in the middle row is the baby jacket I'm designing and some pretty green yarn for an owl baby sweater. The back left is a sweater for Q and the back right is the throw blanket I'm going to make for the guest room reading nook. I'm glad it's a road trip so I'll have lots of opportunity to keep my hands busy!

I got the guitar I'd been wanting on Sunday! I've tried to learn before but failed miserably. I felt like a lot of it had to do that the size of full-size guitars. It sort of always felt like it was attacking me or something. :) This cute little guy is 3/4 size, a.k.a. just right for little me. I can already play C, G, D and A7 chords although I'm still not super fast at switching between them. My repertoire currently consists of Polly Wolly Doodle and Amazing Grace. I was pretty proud of myself because I took the chorded version of Amazing Grace that I found and figured out a running finger picking pattern to play to it as well. I think I'm going to like fingerpicking. I'm a sucker for that sound in music.

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