Friday, October 28, 2011

Where Food Comes From, Week 1

We popped the first of our homegrown popcorn tonight!

'Tis the season to stock the pantry for the year. As we're buying up our bulk grains and meat for the year from the local farmers, the freezer and pantry are at capacity. I've been curious how much local food we've started eating but don't want to get as obsessive about tracking it as I could easily become. I narrowed it down to just tracking dinner. I know that breakfast is mostly local (scrambles, toast, milk, oats) with the glaring exceptions of "Instant Breakfast" and coconut milk in pumpkin custard. I'm trying to come up with another plan ahead solution so I can have better easy breakfasts. Lunch is quite varied and mine is often leftovers. I'm not always sure what Q does for lunch. :)

Each post will have a week's worth of dinners followed by a complete list of ingredients divided into local, not local, and should have been local. "Local" includes processed food (like sausage and salsa) that is made locally without worrying about where individual ingredients were grown (remember, against my nature, I'm trying to not be obsessive.) Asterisks denote foods from our yard. "Should have been local" is foods that I can buy from local producers but didn't due to poor planning.

Dinner for October 23-29
Braised Cabbage and Lemon Pepper Sausage
Sausage Stuffed Squash
Roast Chicken, Beets and Potatoes
Popcorn and Leftovers
Potatoes with Meaty Marinara

Italian pork sausage
lemon pepper sausage links
whole chicken
acorn squash
green pepper
chicken stock
Salsa De Casa medium salsa
*marinara (homegrown except olive oil and salt)

Should Have Been Local
garbanzo beans
white beans

Not Local
olive oil
Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Chips
golden raisins
canned green chiles
nutritional yeast
Bragg's Liquid Aminos
spices (salt, pepper, curry powder, carraway seeds, cumin, cloves, cayenne pepper)

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