Sunday, February 13, 2011

We found a "regliner"!

We snuck away to Portland for the weekend as an early celebration of Q's birthday. Priceline was kind enough to find us The Nines, which is way posher than anything we usually do but it was really fun. The Urban Farmer restaurant that it houses is very yummy. We also went to OMSI's Lost Egypt members' night and went shopping at all those big Portland stores. I felt like such a country rube visiting the big city. :)

We got the Manstad couch from Ikea that Q's been wanting for the new media room arrangement. It not only pulls out into a bed but the chaise has tons of storage inside. Pictures forthcoming when the room gets put together. I also got the lambskin I've been wanting as a baby purchase. It's so snuggly that I think I'd be unwilling to share with anyone except my own dear baby.

On a whim we also went to Babies 'R Us to seek a glider. We have been looking everywhere for one and the only ones we've found were ugly or cheap feeling or uncomfortable. The one exception was the local Amish furniture store but that one was so spendy we kept holding back. Say what you will about chains but Babies 'R Us was a glider mecca. We found the ultimate, dream-fulfilling glider. It's tall enough to support Q's head, it's padded enough (including the armrests) that I don't feel totally lost in it and, best of all, wait for reclines and still glides simultaneously. It is seriously the most comfortable experience ever and every other chair we found that reclines no longer rocks or glides when it's in that position. We custom ordered our color/wood combo so it would be here until late April but I'm so excited. Hopefully, it is now clear why it has earned the unique, coveted title, "the regliner". Seriously, seek out a store that carries these, sit in one, and experience the most comfortable experience ever. Mmmmm.....

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Edwards/Jackson said...

Glad you found something that works for you- they really are the best! We found ours (by chance and great luck) on Craigs List- gently used, works like a charm!

Also, I don't know if you have heard of this space, but everytime I go there I think 'Liz would probably love an online gardening community!'.

Plus, I think the name is empowering!

Can't wait to hear more about the baby, gardens and spring in Oregon!