Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quentin's Christmas Elving

Q hasn't gotten around to posting his Christmas project pictures on his blog so I'm doing it here. I'm too proud of his mad skills to not show them off. He used a lathe to turn the pen bodies (the innards come as a kit) and he has a jewelry studio in the project room for the other work.

Pen and pencil set for his dad

Pen for our brother-in-law

Pen for my dad

Pen for best friend, Mike

Mother's pendant for his sister. It's hard to photograph but it's shaped like a crystal point and has her birthstone, her husband's birthstone, and her son's birth stone set into three of the faces. It's riveted to the bail so it can spin and allow any face to be outward. There's still a free side, which suggests to us that our nephew needs a sibling. :)

Pendant for his mother. I think the larger stone is a topaz and the smaller one is an Oregon sunstone.

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