Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So far, today is lousy...

Ugh...I didn't want to get up and I certainly didn't feel like riding my bike this morning but I knew it was good for me. And it did feel good, until I got off the bike after a 5 mile ride to Q's workplace to kiss him good-bye and realized that the familiar hefty wallet was not in my coat pocket. I raced the 5 miles home, scanning the bike path for any place it could have fallen out - no luck. Then I thought it surely would be on the kitchen table after I had it out last night to get some receipts out - no luck. It is really, truly gone apparently. Credit cards have been canceled and a fraud alert has been placed on our credit but it still is really, really yucky. I'm always so careful to zip my pockets to avoid this very thing.
Perhaps some honest person picked it up and is planning on dropping it by the house after they get off of work. Doubt it though. My best hope at this point is that one of the many homeless people who inhabit the woods by the river is enjoying a bit of extra hot food with the $20 that was in it and the rest of the wallet's contents are scattered in the river or in a dumpster - and not in the hands of some identity thieving shyster. Very scary.
I just keep trying to tell myself that riding my bike this morning was still good for me. Imagine how stressed I'd be right now if I didn't have all of the happy exercise hormones working for me, right? Right?! :)

Next step: hot tea, old British tv (All Creatures Great and Small), and a bit of knitting - a trio of panaceas guaranteed to make everything a little more endurable.

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