Friday, January 17, 2014


Here's my second 18" doll. She's getting donated to Sprout City Farm's "2014 Sprout Down" silent auction. I think Iris is a little freckled farm girl who likes feeding her chickens and going barefoot in the dirt. Hopefully, she makes a little money for our little urban community farm. I am thrilled with how much better she turned out than Josie (my first 18"). Her head doesn't wobble even a little and her neck and shoulder seams turned out nice and smooth on the first try. 

She's stuffed with wool and has cotton interlock doll skin. Even though her hair is sewn into ponytails, I really like crocheting a cap and then individually knotting in the hair strands. I think it gives a fuller head of hair and it's impossible to get gaps of scalp visible.

All of her clothes are "upcycled" from old garments I had in my supplies stash.

 Pants from a discarded twill shirt. (I'm happy with the little hem embroidery detail from my lovely old sewing machine.)

 Sweater and shoes from a felted thrift wool sweater (and a button reclaimed from something that I assume I made into rags years ago).

 Tee shirt from some thrift store fabric

 Underwear made from an old slip.
(Love the little lace insert panel salvaged from the slip's hem edge.)

Before she got tucked away, Iris got a little tea party with Willow and Josie. Wil has a rule that each doll I make has to get a snuggle and some little girl love before "mama's doll" gets put away.

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