Friday, October 23, 2009

All's Right With the World

Digit's home and when he's sleeping like this, carefully supervised, he looks like he's back to normal. The rest of the time he looks like this...
He's got to wear the doughnut any time he's not directly supervised so he doesn't mess with the ten staples in his tummy. A place on his neck (for blood draw?), both of his front "wrists", his tummy up to his chest and the backs of his thighs are all shaved, making him a funny looking kitty at the moment. He's staying in the kitten cage for at least a few days because he's not allowed to jump or play or do much of anything. He's on some powerful painkillers and a round of antibiotics but he's still got a remarkably loud purr. His purring and his chowhound tendencies were remarked on by the vet tech.

Binky keeps sneaking around with her nose wrinkled, not believing that this smelly creature, who smells of the vet office, is her brother. I'm so grateful to have him home. The surgeon seemed hopeful that he could likely go on to live a normal life. And the weekend is starting! Yay!

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Jeaneane said...

So glad to hear he is doing well and is home.