Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall's Harvest

Now we know what 100 lbs. of wheat looks like. It should be enough to make bread for the next year...so far I've been too busy to try any though.
We went to Detering's on Saturday, lured by the advertised end-of-season peach special. Farms seem to be dangerous places for me. Q used up the last of the apple butter a couple of weeks ago, so I knew we needed apples too. Anyway, we walked away with 40 lbs. of peaches, 25 lbs. of apples, and 20 lbs. of pears. (The pears were just for eating because I'm entirely unable to resist them and they were being sold by the box.) Anyway, 21 pints of apple butter (equivalent, some are in 12 oz. jars) and 15 quarts of peaches later, our kitchen is again free of unprocessed produce (except for the drawer of pears in the fridge). The pantry is getting delightfully full.

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Unknown said...

Wow, Liz, you are so cool. Thanks for sharing this blog with me. It's fun to see a real live person doing this. I wish I could get one going for my children's oh so distant grandparents. Ah, someday.