Monday, September 26, 2011

Height of Harvest

'Tis the season for the harvest. We gathered lots of tomatoes yesterday along with the pumpkins, the last of the rhubarb and cucumbers, some oddly out of season strawberries, some grapes, a watermelon, a potato that we missed during last week's harvest, and 3 pea pods. We got the Sweet Dumpling squash (2), acorn squash (1) and one cantaloupe in over the weekend.
All of this harvesting plus a whole lot of weeding was brought to you by ...

Sleeping Baby!
We went on a lovely afternoon walk and she was sleeping so soundly when we got back that we just started the yard work and kept her in the stroller.

Later, Isabel decided it was her turn to nap in the stroller.

Digit preferred to keep Willow and me company.

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